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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 9: TV dinner

TVs are the biggest pest to society when they are put in restaurants. 

Day 9: Do not stare at TV screens when eating with others.

It requires sincere effort to not watch the bright flashy colors on the screen when eating. Especially when located in the right spot, TVs can capture our attention more than most any conversation.

But never give in. Mental fine tuning is the key...or should we just find more interesting friends? Hmmm?

Here are some points:

1) Pay attention....always consider every situation and be cognizant of what is going on around us.

2) When TVs are in a restaurant, people suddenly stop talking, looking at each other, and we even care less about our food.

3) No one CARES what is on the flashy screen yet the fact that it is continuously changing can steer our attention like we are A.D.D. cattle.

4) Do not become cattle.

And if it is too difficult, ask the restaurant staff to turn off their TVs. You'll help yourself and others and maybe, just maybe take a step towards making our world simply.....outstanding. 

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