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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 6: Drop In!

Ah, you gotta love the classics, ay?

Day 6: drop in to visit your amigos. This is particularly easy for those college kids among us. But everyone can get to their friend's house, bring a bag of BBQ chips and a 2-liter of cream soda and throw a "GO US for being friends" fiesta. How AWE+ does that sound?

(For those ignorant among us...awe+ means "awesome" but it is much cooler because it has simple arithmetic speak ('sum') thrown in. Go math.)

Ok, you say: "I am too busy and don't have time" or "I don't like chips" or some lame excuse like that. WELL, my friends, whatever your anti-social driven excuse may be, take advice from my friend Colin Powell and do what he does: drop a card under people's doors telling them that you stopped by to say hello. 
--------------If you cannot do that, you will end up alone and abandon....------------------------

The importance is to remind those around you that they are important in your life.
*Do that often and your Facebook wall will be loaded with posts ;)

So, my dedicated reader, this is a big one. This is intimate, caring, and it is guaranteed to make someone's day brighter than an LED.

You never know, you may just arrive at just the right time. Do it, go do it to make your friend's lives simply.....outstanding.

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