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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 3: Share Your Story

Quick anecdotal moment: my family is having breakfast in a hotel in Syndey, AUS., when one of the restaurant bussers (American) comes to our table and starts chatting with us. He starts off boldly by telling us about his life's love story (how he got left, she had a child, she got divorced, then basically wanted him back, now he lives happily in AUS with her....). We were a little thrown off, of course, because WHO DOES THAT!? Well, we all should. His story ended up being moving, real, and he concluded with a few really great life lessons.

By the end were laughing, joking, and we really connected with him. It was all his doing; an average hotel worker was able to move our family by his boldness and openness.


So Day 3: Share your story. Do not be afraid to tell people who you are, what you have learned, and what makes you tick. Share with people your beliefs (no matter what they are) and trust people to take you seriously.


NOTE: if someone is rude or blows you off, stick your tongue out at them. Tell another person more worthwhile.

And there you have it...a perhaps new way to engage the people all around you and make the world simply....outstanding.

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