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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 10: Driving on the bright side of life

We spend so much time in cars. Virtually everywhere that we need to go, we go by car. Have you ever been in rush hour when BAM, soccer mom cuts you off as she skids around the corner with her tires burning, kids screaming in the back seat? Well, Day 10: is about driving the way you would like to be driven.


Here's what to do [and not do]:

1) Use all proper movement gestures, i.e. blinkers, waving on

2) Rellow light? Not so much, you are not fooling anyone!

3) Speeding hardly ensures punctuality :/

4) LAY OFF TH... uh hem... lay off the horn, please!

5) Let that guy in. He has been waiting for decades.

6) It's not bumper cars -- back off bucko!

7) Without all the hurry worry, maybe your daily drives will actually be sort of....nice.

Driving is huge. Make driving less stressful to make our every day lives simply....outstanding. 

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