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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 13: Makin' faces at babies

Day 13: It is simply too much fun...make funny faces at little kids! It lets others around you enjoy the simplicity and joy of little tikes.

Kids appreciate little things and loving do we! Go out there, make someone's day.

Clown faces and inflated cheeks are a funny way to make our world simply.....outstanding. 

Day 12: Sing!

Day 12: Sing a pleasant song to the world. Get something fun stuck in the heads of those around you!

We sing when we are happy....let's share it with everyone else.

Songs are just another way to make our lives simply....outstanding

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 11: Writing on Napkins


Day 11: is a super easy one. It is all about leaving a lil' special note to people who offer their services in our daily lives.

If you are being served at a restaurant, dining hall, or cleaning maids clean your room at a hotel, why not leave a little thank you note to brighten someone's day?

Recognition for our efforts simply feels good. Leave a napkin note to someone saying "thank you." And, shoot, while you're at it draw an epic pretty picture, too!


It is just an easy way to make our world a bit happier...a bit more...outstanding

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 10: Driving on the bright side of life

We spend so much time in cars. Virtually everywhere that we need to go, we go by car. Have you ever been in rush hour when BAM, soccer mom cuts you off as she skids around the corner with her tires burning, kids screaming in the back seat? Well, Day 10: is about driving the way you would like to be driven.


Here's what to do [and not do]:

1) Use all proper movement gestures, i.e. blinkers, waving on

2) Rellow light? Not so much, you are not fooling anyone!

3) Speeding hardly ensures punctuality :/

4) LAY OFF TH... uh hem... lay off the horn, please!

5) Let that guy in. He has been waiting for decades.

6) It's not bumper cars -- back off bucko!

7) Without all the hurry worry, maybe your daily drives will actually be sort of....nice.

Driving is huge. Make driving less stressful to make our every day lives simply....outstanding. 

Day 9: TV dinner

TVs are the biggest pest to society when they are put in restaurants. 

Day 9: Do not stare at TV screens when eating with others.

It requires sincere effort to not watch the bright flashy colors on the screen when eating. Especially when located in the right spot, TVs can capture our attention more than most any conversation.

But never give in. Mental fine tuning is the key...or should we just find more interesting friends? Hmmm?

Here are some points:

1) Pay attention....always consider every situation and be cognizant of what is going on around us.

2) When TVs are in a restaurant, people suddenly stop talking, looking at each other, and we even care less about our food.

3) No one CARES what is on the flashy screen yet the fact that it is continuously changing can steer our attention like we are A.D.D. cattle.

4) Do not become cattle.

And if it is too difficult, ask the restaurant staff to turn off their TVs. You'll help yourself and others and maybe, just maybe take a step towards making our world simply.....outstanding. 

Day 8: Compliment Battles

Arm yourselves. Men and women, there comes a time in our lives when we are pitted against forces so great that we must do the unthinkable: we must compliment?


Compliments - random or planned, whether to a stranger or close friend - are an unparalleled way to bring a goofy-looking smile and blushy redness to anyone's face. People are often afraid to compliment others; it is looked at as a sign of weakness. But, go ahead and try: see if you are confident and sincere enough to tell a lady she is pretty, tell a child they have a lovely smile, tell a man that he is a superb role model. Go ahead, my reader, do it and see who rises as a better person.

Compliment regularly and sincerely and uniquely and you will find that you may just be simply.....outstanding. 

Day 6: Drop In!

Ah, you gotta love the classics, ay?

Day 6: drop in to visit your amigos. This is particularly easy for those college kids among us. But everyone can get to their friend's house, bring a bag of BBQ chips and a 2-liter of cream soda and throw a "GO US for being friends" fiesta. How AWE+ does that sound?

(For those ignorant among us...awe+ means "awesome" but it is much cooler because it has simple arithmetic speak ('sum') thrown in. Go math.)

Ok, you say: "I am too busy and don't have time" or "I don't like chips" or some lame excuse like that. WELL, my friends, whatever your anti-social driven excuse may be, take advice from my friend Colin Powell and do what he does: drop a card under people's doors telling them that you stopped by to say hello. 
--------------If you cannot do that, you will end up alone and abandon....------------------------

The importance is to remind those around you that they are important in your life.
*Do that often and your Facebook wall will be loaded with posts ;)

So, my dedicated reader, this is a big one. This is intimate, caring, and it is guaranteed to make someone's day brighter than an LED.

You never know, you may just arrive at just the right time. Do it, go do it to make your friend's lives simply.....outstanding.