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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 7: Close Your Cell Phone

No one loves a one-to-one conversation with frequent text-session interruptions. Do not do it. Be above the influence.
Day 7: Give those that you are speaking to the courtesy of your attention. If you do not want to talk, simply leave the conversation! Everyone knows you are popular, so be personal and engaging.

~Close the tele, open your mind, use your words.~

Conversation is actually a difficult art, but it is an essential one. Do not be afraid to look people in the eyes and talk to them directly! Often, cell phones are used as a "timely distraction", but we will all be better off confident and focused.


Be polite. 
Be caring.
Embrace the moment.
Text like a civilized human being. 
You can do it; you'll be a better friend.

Do not give your life to your pocket-sized screen....resisting is just another way to make the world simply....outstanding.

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