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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 4: Clean as a whistle

Now, dearest reader, today might sound like propaganda....but I promise you it is not. It is tried and true!

Day 4: clean = good.

Now, this one is a bit personal. But I am a neat freak. I dislike dirtiness. But there is great value in doing something small for our environment and society by picking up trash when you see it.


It might seem a bit complex... so here is how it's done.

1) Spot trash on the ground

2) Stop and pick it up

3) Throw in nearest trash receptacle

4) Get that good ole feelin o' doin' good. Mmm mmm

WOW. That is so doable. Since we are on a role, try these as well:

-Push grocery carts and baskets back where they belong
-Put store items back in place
-Put books back in their spot in the library (saves from many migraines) not throw gum on the sidewalk

Too easy. If you have been looking for some exercise.... try practicing this one often :)

So, it's not is good will. Just another way to making our world simply....outstanding.

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